The Band
Heartless pays tribute to the legendary rock band Heart by faithfully recreating
their iconic hits and delivering a high-energy live experience that leaves audiences
wanting more. Heartless is known for their powerful vocals, intricate guitar work,
tight rhythm section and electrifying stage presence.

The band was formed by a group of highly skilled musicians who share a deep
appreciation for Heart's music and wanted to pay homage to the legendary band.
Heartless has meticulously studied and mastered the distinct sound and style that
made Heart a household name. Every member of the band contributes their immense
talent to present an authentic tribute to Heart that captivates fans of all ages.

With their passion for classic rock and their unwavering dedication to their craft,
Heartless is a band that truly embodies the spirit of Heart and the timeless magic of
classic rock. They are not just a tribute band, but a force to be reckoned with in their
own right. Whether you're a die-hard Heart fan or a lover of classic rock, Heartless is
a name you need to know.
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